Physics Playground

Press Kit

Basic Info

Developer: Ali Khalid

Publisher: Ali Khalid

Press Contact: Ali Khalid

Platforms: PC, Mac OS X

Release date: TBA

Price: Free to Play

Game Description

It is a game were you controls physics with no limits or maths. There are no Objectives in the gave, but its purpose is to laugh at Physics, Ragdolls and stuff. It is still in development, and you can download the Game here: Abilities:- 1. Slow time. 2. Warp Physics. 3. Fly using your Jetpack. 4. Teleport. 5. Grapple all over the place. 6. Become a Giant. 7. Zero Gravity. (For Player Only) 8. Summon Objects, such as Ragdolls. 9. And lots more! Given Stuff:- 1. A Infinite Ammo Gun. 2. JetPack. 3. Random Scattered Shapes.(Low amount!) 4. All of the Physics Abilities shown Above. 5. and more.... And there will be more to come!

Key Features

  • Manipulate all Physics abilities!

  • Create and Destroy Stuff!

  • Play as a Physics Manipulating Robot!

  • Break Physics!

  • Fling yourself to Space!

  • Glitch Around the World!

Gameplay Videos


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